We use handloom fabrics that are carefully sourced from weavers across India. Knowledge and experience accumulated over generations are summoned to create soft, breathable, natural fabrics in small batches that are delicate yet woven to last.


Seams have been eliminated whenever possible to increase the life of the garment. When used, they are finished with covering for added durability.

Techniques are used purposefully, rather than as ornamental devices, to resolve details and strengthen the garment.

Hand stitches, used instead of top stitches, hold layers in place and provide surface embellishment.

The inside of the garment is made with the same care as the outside and each garment is finished by hand for a cleaner look.


The Raag clothes are made by a diverse group of people in an integrated studio setting. As all aspects of production are carried out in-house we can guarantee that those involved in the making of our clothes get a fair wage and work healthy hours in an environment in which they are treated with dignity and respect.